At Smartware, innovation and experience go hand in hand with a passion for technology

As leaders in software testing, we have been helping companies achieve technological excellence for over ten years. In business, what matters is not only effective solutions but also the quality of the processes that lead to them. That's why, at Smartware, we focus on an optimal approach and effectiveness at every project stage.

Andrzej Makulec

President of the Management Board and Founder
From the beginning of his career, Andrzej has driven innovation and excellence in the IT industry. His vision for Smartware transformed local operations into global solutions, supporting critical sectors from banking to public health. Andrzej believes that a company's true value is measured by customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

Paweł Masadyński

Vice President
With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Paweł specializes in software quality assurance. His management skills and vision for Smartware's strategic development enabled the company to achieve international recognition.

Jarosław Kudla

Member of the Board
Jarosław, with an unwavering passion for artificial intelligence and modern technologies, has been associated with banking and technology development from the beginning of his career. His focus on quality and innovation has helped launch Smartware into new markets, delivering solutions that impact the lives of millions of users every day.

At Smartware, the heart of every project is the team behind it.

Our employees are experienced engineers, programmers, testers, and project managers who, thanks to their work, creativity, and commitment, contribute to creating the highest quality products.
Our teams operate based on the latest project management methodologies and constantly improve their skills to meet the requirements of the dynamically changing world of technology.

We strive to ensure that every action reflects our core values:




We commit to continuously improving our processes to carry out each project with the greatest attention to detail and customer needs.

We look forward to doing business with you

We will define, deliver, and maintain a new quality of your software, ensuring your systems' reliability and continuous security.

We have specialized in outsourcing tests for international corporations for over ten years.

We focus on automatic testing and managing entire testing processes, including financial responsibility for the software.

Test automation and process outsourcing expertise

At Smartware, we started by offering Body shopping Testers services. Over the years, as technology and tools have evolved, we have focused on test automation and test process outsourcing as part of our managed services. Currently, the Smartware team, consisting of over a hundred people, works every day to improve the quality of our clients' software.

Adaptability in the financial sector

We are flexible—we adapt to the individual needs of each client. The banks and financial institutions we serve are like living organisms with diverse, changing requirements regarding business models, work methods, communication procedures, and data confidentiality. We can adapt to the specific work of various programming teams and become an integral part of their processes of continuous software delivery and testing.

Instant support

We also support our clients' test teams in sudden changes in the legal environment or additional requirements of sales departments, which may result in excess work. Our dedicated testing teams can get up and running quickly to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Collaboration methodologies

Thanks to the flexibility in adapting to various project management structures and methodologies, from Agile through Waterfall and bimodal projects to specific client methodologies, we always create a consistent work environment that promotes effective software production. Our tools and experience enable us to tailor our services to the particular needs of each project.

Developed tools

By collecting experience in various institutions, we have created tools to support testing process monitoring. This way, we can effectively manage tests even for older-generation systems that large institutions often maintain. Older systems, such as those written on the AS400 platform, require special tools because they are incompatible with modern testing solutions. Our tools allow you to effectively bypass these restrictions.

Co mówią nasi Klienci

Their highly collaborative work model allowed us to get started and adapt quickly.

Richard Coombes

Head of Engineering @ Santander
That trust is worth more to us than having the best prices or highest quality developers.

Graem Lourens

Co-Founder & CTO @ Credit Agricole S.A.
I can say that I am a happy customer.

Gordian Ratajczak

Product Owner @ Santander

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