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A comprehensive software testing solution

Implementation of our activities:

Smart JJ and Smart Solver have significantly improved testing processes, minimizing the risk of errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Smart JJ (Smartware Jira-Jenkins Integration) is a tool designed to simplify and automate test case execution. It eliminates the need for advanced technical knowledge and enables the use of a BDD approach to creating tests using natural language.

Smart Solver is a tool for handling negative results of automatic tests. It offers intelligent analysis and automation of error reports, such as in Jira.

Our tools are not affected by various test management systems (testflo, testlink), thanks to the importer that unifies the format of recording test cases.

Advantages of our solutions

  • Ease of Smart JJ use: You can run tests with two clicks in Jira, which allows you to run tests even in the absence of testers, ensuring the continuity of testing processes.
  • Possibility of using the BDD approach in test automation.
  • Effective test management. Smart JJ allows you to split large test suites into smaller packages, speeding up testing and minimizing the risk of compilation errors.
  • Security and minimization of the risk of errors. Automation reduces the risk of human errors.
  • Integration with Jira. Smart JJ provides a quick and direct view of results and allows negative tests to be re-run.
  • Possibility to create appropriate runtime parameters, such as exclusion groups, parallel executions, or case execution orders.
  • Ease of viewing information such as reports from the results portal, build numbers, logs, or information about pack divisions.
  • Intelligent analysis and automation of reports by Smart Solver. Automatically classify errors, create tickets with test data, and monitor ticket statuses.
  • E-mail notifications from the scope/area we are interested in arrive immediately after SmartSolver creates an error, speeding up the time of detecting problems. These notifications are especially useful when connecting to environment monitors.
  • Standardizing the way bug reports are written with standards for test data, steps to the bug, etc., makes writing and reading bug reports easier.
  • Ease of performing retests with one click and the option to submit a request for testing. The ticket is closed when the retest is successful – even if it happens later.
  • Attachments to reported bugs. Appropriate files are attached, such as screenshots of the error stage, logs, and HAR files, allowing for faster submission for verification and repair.

Benefits for business

  • Increased operational efficiency. The tools reduced the time it took to complete full regression test suites from two weeks to just a few hours, increasing the speed at which updates and new features were delivered.
  • Improved software quality. Smart Solver effectively handled 40,682 negative results and recorded 177 errors and 81 outside business hours, demonstrating the tool’s ability to monitor and improve quality continuously.
  • Reduction of costs and resources. Test automation reduced the need to engage additional human resources in routine and repetitive tasks, allowing for better resource use in critical areas.


Thanks to integration with Smart JJ and Smart Solver, our client was able to focus on innovation and development while maintaining a high standard of software quality and quickly reacting to market changes.

Smart JJ and Smart Solver work well together and support each other throughout the process. These are dedicated tools that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.


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