Case study

Transformation of testing processes

Increasing test efficiency by introducing automation.

Low level of automation (20-30%), tests performed mainly manually, incomplete test cases, a lot of unformalized expert knowledge, complete testing required the involvement of all available testers.

The complete regression required two weeks of full commitment from the testing teams.

Diagnosed problems

  • Manually perform most tests.
  • Risk of human errors leading to missed defects or incorrect software quality assessment.
  • Incompleteness and inconsistency of test cases.
  • Expert knowledge undocumented and dispersed among testers.
  • Long-term regression processes involving entire teams.
  • Significant downtime in other work during testing periods.

Implemented solutions

  • Together with the client, it was decided to increase the level of automation to 80%.
  • Process optimization to minimize the need for continuous maintenance.
  • Selection of appropriate testing tools and construction of frameworks.
  • Implementation of advanced reporting systems for better monitoring and control.

Implementation effects

  • Reducing the time needed for complete regression from three weeks to two days.
  • Reducing the number of testers needed allows testing and development work to be carried out in parallel.
  • Speeding up software delivery to production by 50%.
  • Run tests as soon as they are written, even by non-technical people.


Thanks to activities focused on automation and process optimization, the company significantly improved its working methods, reducing testing time and increasing the efficiency of software delivery. This project is an excellent example of how a strategic approach to test automation can bring real operational and financial benefits.


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