Smart JJ

Efficiently run test suites from the Jira platform

Smart JJ is an advanced Jira-Jenkins integration tool that greatly simplifies the process of running test cases directly from the Jira platform.
It’s designed so that even people without technical training can run test suites effectively. It also provides support for the Software Testers team.

Discover Smart JJ

Smart JJ allows you to run test suites with just two mouse clicks, significantly simplifying the entire process and reducing the time needed to prepare and execute tests. Thanks to direct integration with Jira, the tool eliminates the need to switch between different systems and applications, facilitating test management and improving process transparency.

Division of test suites

One of Smart JJ's key features is the ability to split an extensive test suite into smaller packages. This allows you to run tests in parallel, speeding up the entire process and minimizing the risk of compilation-related errors. Automating test runs also reduces the likelihood of human errors, such as typos and accidental clicks, increasing the reliability and accuracy of the testing process.

Results directly in Jira

Test results are available directly in Jira, allowing you to verify results quickly and making it easier to identify issues and manage bugs. Smart JJ also offers easy one-click negative retesting, allowing you to troubleshoot and improve your tests quickly.

We look forward to doing business with you

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Effectiveness and reliability in everyday use

Smart JJ is a unique tool that significantly improves the testing process in software development environments. It offers ease of use, speed of execution, and high test quality and accuracy.

Once launched, Smart JJ ran correctly:
in 4581 packages
In the last month, Smart JJ ran correctly:
in 2345 packages

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