Smart Solver

A new dimension of test error management

Smart Solver is an advanced tool for managing and automating the processes of identifying, classifying, and resolving errors in automated tests.
The Jira-Smart Solver integration enables effective communication and error management in the project, which is invaluable in a testing environment. This is especially useful in large software projects where quickly identifying and fixing bugs is crucial.

Smart Solver

Smart Solver automatically handles negative test results, verifying whether they indicate potential bugs in the software.

Analysis and classification

The tool analyzes and classifies errors based on their type and potential impact, making it easier to prioritize corrective actions. Additionally, it creates and maintains a dynamic knowledge base that collects information about error history and their solutions, helping you quickly identify recurring problems.

Automation of error reporting

Smart Solver analyzes all negative results of automated tests and then verifies the problems encountered for errors and whether such errors have already been reported in Jira. If not, it creates an appropriate report, considering important test data, such as steps to the error, data on which the test was performed, logs, or screenshots.

Retest of submissions

Based on monitoring the status of issues in Jira, Smart Solver independently retests reported errors and adds comments about the retests performed.
Additionally, Smart Solver monitors automatic tests performed periodically and, based on the test results, can close reported errors for which the path has been unblocked and the tests have been conducted with a positive status.


The tool also sends daily email reports containing a list of currently open bugs and data from the previous day, including reported bugs and information about the number of analyzed results.

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Effective and measurable value in the testing process

Thanks to automation and intelligent analysis, Smart Solver increases the efficiency of quality management and allows for quick response to potential software problems.

Within a month of launch, Smart Solver supported:
negative results
bugs reported
triggered retests

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